Garden Mulch Delivery

Most gardeners know that mulching is an is an essential part of looking after your soil. A good mulch, when spread across your garden beds to a depth around 5-10 cm will keep weeds down, shade the soil, help control wind and water erosion, look good and most importantly save water, lots of water. There is everything to gain from mulching and nothing to lose.

The key word here is GOOD mulches. At first thought it may seem that any cover on the soil would save water but that is not the case. Not all mulches are equal and not all save water despite what may be said on the bag or in the advertising.

Luscious heavily composted mulches may look great, but often they can actually increase the capillary action within your soils, causing them to dry out quicker.  

A Hastie Waste mulch however is rough, coarse and absolutely perfect for locking in the moisture in the soil over the hot summer months.  Our mulch includes leaves, shredded palms, prunings and wood chips.  The coarse particles form a natural airlock between your soil and the sun, which prevents the capillary action that dries out your soil. 

Health Warning

Garden soils contain micro-organisms that may be harmful to your health. Always wear gloves, keep damp while in use, avoid inhaling the mix and wash your hands after use.

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Please note: Delivery is normally within 2 – 5 days.

1. It's like suncreen for your soil

1. It's like suncreen for your soil

Don’t let the sun’s damaging UV rays destroy all the goodness in your soils this summer.  A good thick mulching protects your garden from the hot summer sun.

2. Water Wise

2. Water Wise

A good coarse mulch can reduce moisture loss from the soil surface by up to 70 per cent. It does this by reducing the capillary action that occurs when the sun heats up your soil drying it out.

3. Cut your Water Bill

3. Cut your Water Bill

With water rates constantly rising, reducing the amount of water your garden needs helps keep your water bill down.

4. Your plants will thank you

4. Your plants will thank you

As this is an organic mulch, over time it will break down and add organic matter to your soil. This improves soil structure and drainage, and encourages earthworm and soil microbial activity.

How much mulch do you need?

Try our handy mulch calculator, which will help you work out the area of your garden beds and the quanity of Mulch you’ll require to cover them.

We recommend that you apply around 10cm of mulch to reduce evaporation this summer.  

This means that if you have a typical garden which is around 100m2 – 180m2  you will need about a 9 cubic metres 


Mulch Calculator

*This calculator estimates a coverage of Mulch for the given area at 100mm depth.