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Rubbish to move?

Time to call or book a Skip Bin from Hastie Waste. When the building or renovation project is underway, the shed needs a big clean out, the yard needs tidying up or the garden’s getting out of control, book a Hastie Waste skip bin for quick and easy rubbish removal.
We drop it off, you fill it and we take it away again, it’s that easy.

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Got a small job?

Check out our mini skips, available across the Greater Bunbury region, from Leschenault to Australind. Just $200 for 4 day hire on a 3 cubic meter bin!

Garden Mulch

Save water and improve your soil with a good mulching.

A good water saving mulch like this reduces evaporation, helps improve your soil and looks fantastic!

This mulch is the raw natural kind that we process at the Donnybrook Waste Management facility and includes leaves, prunings and wood chips. It’s not your classic black mulch but it is what it is, and at $30 per cubic metre it really is great value for your entire garden.

1. It's like suncreen for your soil

1. It's like suncreen for your soil

Don’t let the sun’s damaging UV rays destroy all the goodness in your soils this summer.  A good thick mulching protects your garden from the hot summer sun.

2. Water Wise

2. Water Wise

A good coarse mulch can reduce moisture loss from the soil surface by up to 70 per cent. It does this by reducing the capillary action that occurs when the sun heats up your soil drying it out.

3. Cut your water bill

3. Cut your water bill

With water rates constantly rising, reducing the amount of water your garden needs helps keep your water rates down.

4. Your plants will thank you

4. Your plants will thank you

As this is an organic mulch, over time it will break down and add organic matter to your soil. This improves soil structure and drainage, and encourages earthworm and soil microbial activity.

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Business Waste Management

Does your business have a cost effective waste disposal system?

Hastie Waste offer cost effective, reliable and environmentally friendly waste disposal and recycling services for businesses across the South West.

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Landfill Management

Hastie Waste manages the Donnybrook Waste Management Facility (DWMF) and Balingup Waste Transfer Station where we recover resources such as aluminium cans, milk bottles, newspaper and cardboard (in partnership with the Donnybrook Lions Club), steel, batteries and non-ferrous metals are extracted from the waste stream along with saleable items that are recycled through our “Tip Shop”.



Donnybrook Waste Management Facility

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